The Company

At the base the idea of differentiate itself in the market with high quality products more accessible to professionals and private dealers.

Specialized in high technical performance solutions for buildings, industry, home and DIY, the company is constantly growing and appreciated by a distribution network to which the company offers exclusive services and support, in order to increase sales and dealers, from professionals, to artisans and private dealers.


The production structure is organized in order to manage with the maximum flexibility the work cycles, both in volumes and in lead time.

The production of our products is entirely realized in Italy. Each products is the result of an accurate selection of the raw materials and of the quality controls on the entire production chain.

Research and development

R&D is carried out by professionals, in collaboration with national research organizations and laboratories, accredited in the Competent Authorities.

Studying, developing new formulations and improving products, are our hallmarks, making CAMP highly responsive to the market innovation. Specialist Know-how, manufacturing processes and cutting-edge plants, enable us to produce superior quality chemicals. They are scrupulously tested, to evaluate their performance; they comply with the latest European standards, to ensure maximum safety for users; they are made with extreme care and respect for the environment.

The distribution of Camp’s products is reserved to partners. We offer them exclusive services and support to do an excellent job of mutual success.

For us in CAMP the dealer is not only a simple client, but a partner whit whom we work every day to give value to the user of the solutions of each sector.

CAMP Private Label

CAMP Private Label

La nostra esperienza e competenza nel settore chimico possono diventare una grande opportunità per tutti coloro i quali desiderano una produzione personalizzata, chiavi in mano, con la propria etichetta sul prodotto finito.