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Via Libera: the solution against traffic jams and bad odors for drains and septic tanks

Via Libera: la soluzione contro ingorghi e cattivi odori per scarichi e fosse biologiche

One of the most frequent problems in the home is slow drains. Everyone will have had a kitchen sink caked with food residue or a slow shower drain caused by fur and hair.

Most of the time, simple measures are enough to prevent blockages, such as keeping the sink clean and using steel filters to block residues.

Furthermore, as you will have personally verified, many home remedies are ineffective, because they only solve the problem temporarily.

This is why it is better to use  Via Libera, the quick and easy solution for drains and septic tanks that prevents blockages and maintains drains clean and free from bad odors.

The Via Libera line, renewed in its formulations and formats, consists of three products:

1. Via Libera – Drain remover for domestic drains

  • Frees slow drains
  • Dissolves encrustations and organic deposits
  • Prevents traffic jams
  • Eliminates and prevents bad odors

For toilet, sink, shower and bidet drains.

2. Via Libera Bio liquid – Enzymatic treatment for drains

  • Keeps drains clean
  • Prevents traffic jams and fights bad odors
  • Based on bacterial strains and natural enzymes, it does not contain GMOs

3. Via Libera Bio in water-soluble sachets – Enzymatic treatment ideal for septic tanks

  • Degrades organic substances and dissolves deposits present in septic tanks
  • Prevents traffic jams and fights bad odors
  • Higher concentration of bacterial strains and natural enzymes (does not contain GMOs) ideal for septic tanks

Now that you know the characteristics of each product, let's see together how to use them in the most effective way in two treatments.

Treatment for slow and smelly drains

  • Use Via Libera Drain Cleaner to clear the drain
  • Use Via Libera Bio regularly to keep drains clear and prevent blockages and bad smells

Septic tank treatment

  • Use Via Libera Bio in water-soluble sachets regularly to keep the pit clean and free of bad odors.

Regularly using Via Libera products for correct maintenance also has the advantage of avoiding expensive cleaning interventions by specialized companies.

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