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PTFE grease

  • Resistant to stable temperatures over +200 °C
  • Reduces friction and guarantees a deep lubrication
  • Good resistance to the water washout
  • High adhesiveness
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PTFE greasePTFE grease

White grease resistant to water, salts and corrosion, suitable for use in the nautical and port sectors. It lubricates, protects and does not wash out, even in the presence of salt water. It has excellent anti-rust properties and does not dry out. Operating temperatures from -10 °C to +160 °C.


Ideal for lubrication and long-lasting protection of all on-board equipment. Lubricates steering wheels, pins, levers, tie rods, cables, sheaths, sliding guides, baskets, trolleys, propellers, folding blades, flaps, pumps, winches and components exposed to water. Ideal for protecting rubber parts, lockers and porthole seals.


  • Strongly adhesive and water-repellent
  • Resists water washout and bad weather, does not dry out
  • It has excellent anti-rust properties
  • High protective power against wear and oxidation