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Master 360: the new 2 Way dispenser

Master 360: il nuovo erogatore 2 Way

Master 360: the new 2 Way dispenser

Our commitment has always been to provide high quality products to meet all maintenance needs. It is with this spirit that we have introduced the new format for the Master 360 line with 2 Way dispenser.

Intelligent design 

The 2 Way system allows a double delivery of lubricant: one more precise and the other wider. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated On/Off system, you can avoid unwanted spills, for a clean and controlled application in every situation.

The result? Master 360 2 Way is the perfect ally for work, home and DIY projects, because it allows you to lubricate, unblock, protect and clean with ease in every situation. 

New format, same effectiveness

The new 2 Way format keeps the tested and effective formulation of Master 360 Multifunction and Master 360 Unblocking unchanged. To the quality that distinguishes us, we have added  a new format, more practical and functional.

Discover it now: Master 360 2 Way!