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Cleaning and hygiene of air conditioners with ClimaSan!

Pulizia e igiene dei climatizzatori con ClimaSan!

ALERT: Summer is upon us. Make sure you are ready to face the warmer months with the maximum comfort and tranquility of a healthy environment. Don't wait, act now to guarantee fresh, clean air both at home and in the office, even during the hottest days.

Importance of cleaning air conditioners:

Over time, air conditioners accumulate dirt, dust and bacteria, compromising performance and putting your health at risk. Problems such as legionellosis, allergies and infections can arise from contaminants present in the air (viruses, fungi and bacteria). This is why it is essential to regularly maintain the systems.

The ClimaSan professional treatment:

Thanks to ClimaSan, cleaning and sanitizing your air conditioners has never been so simple and fast. ClimaSan is a specific professional treatment for the periodic maintenance of air conditioners. It can be used for splits, ducted systems and fan coils. 

The advantages of ClimaSan

  • Removes germs and bacteria ensuring complete cleaning of filters and components
  • Eliminates bad odors caused by fungi and impurities
  • Improves performance and helps reduce energy consumption of the air conditioner


The treatment consists of two products, Climasan Detergente and Climasan sanitizing:

  • ClimaSan Detergente thoroughly cleans all the filters, the finned heat exchange pack of the splits and internal units. Eliminates stubborn dirt, dust, impurities and pollutants that deposit on the filters and internal components of the units. 
  • ClimaSan Igienizzante is a solution based on active ingredients with sanitizing action, specially formulated to remove germs and bacteria, neutralize organic deposits and inorganic and eliminate bad odors caused by fungi and impurities.

Here's how to proceed with the treatment in a few simple steps:

  1. Turn off the ventilation system and remove the air filters.
  2. Spray ClimaSan Detergente on the filters and on the finned heat exchange pack.
  3. Rinse with water spray and let dry.
  4. Reassemble the air filters and vaporize ClimaSan Igienizzante.
  5. Wait a few minutes before restarting the system and let the room ventilate before staying there.

With ClimaSan, you can always live in fresh and safe environments. Don't wait: act now to guarantee the longevity of your air conditioners and the well-being of your environments.

Watch our tutorial to find out how to use our products correctly.

Sanitizer in alcoholic solution that guarantees effective and long-lasting sanitization of air conditioning and air systems. Purifies the air and eliminates bad odors, releasing a fresh scent.


Innovative detergent specific for the cleaning and hygiene of air conditioning systems. It keeps the efficiency and hygiene characteristics of all types of systems unchanged over time.

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