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ClimaSan: to regularly clean and sanitize home and office air conditioners

ClimaSan: per pulire e igienizzare regolarmente i condizionatori di casa e ufficio

Along with the heat, the time has come to carry out maintenance on our air conditioners, to enjoy the coolness in complete safety.

Let's immediately dispel a cliché: it is not enough to clean filters and components at the beginning of the season to stay calm all summer. However, it is necessary to repeat the treatment regularly to remove viruses, germs and bacteria that are harmful to our health.

High temperatures and stagnant humidity are, in fact, the ideal conditions for the proliferation of bacteria.

Intervening periodically also allows you to optimize the performance of the air conditioner, avoiding blockages, excessive noise and increased consumption.

Furthermore, correct and frequent hygiene of ventilation systems is also recommended by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19 in closed environments. (ISS COVID-19 Report, N.33/2020)

For all these reasons, Camp recommends repeating the ClimaSan treatment 1-2 times a month.

ClimaSan products

The ClimaSan line is designed to transform cleaning into a quick and easy habit, which does not require particular technical skills and physical effort.

The ClimaSan treatment is carried out in two steps: the first with ClimaSan Detergente and the second with ClimaSan Igienizzante.

ClimaSan Detergente acts quickly against the most stubborn dirt, encrustations and deposits that tend to form on filters and external components.

To use it, just spray it on the surfaces to be cleaned with the appropriate and convenient nebulizer.


  • Thoroughly cleans filters and components
  • Eliminates bad odors caused by fungi and impurities
  • Improves system performance
  • It works instantly

ClimaSan Igienizzante is a special mixture with a sanitizing and deodorising action in an alcoholic solution which guarantees effective and long-lasting hygiene of the systems and 'air. It neutralizes organic and inorganic deposits, naturally eliminates bad odors caused by the presence of fungi and bacteria and leaves a pleasant and fresh scent in the environment.


Practical and quick to use

  • Eliminates and prevents bad odors
  • Pleasantly scented

Now all that remains is to enjoy the fresh air, with the certainty of breathing healthy air and living in a safe environment. Beautiful season? Now, yes.


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