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Pets: how to eliminate bad odors with Neutrum Pet

Animali domestici: come eliminare i cattivi odori con Neutrum Pet

We know, the love for a cat or a dog is stronger than everything, even the smell of pee or a stain on the carpet. But how much would you like to invite friends to dinner without the fear of sudden smells? Or lie down on your favorite sofa without worrying about small stains?

With the Neutrum Pet line, you can eliminate odors caused by your pets from environments, surfaces and fabrics forever. Thanks to its rapid action and ease of use, Neutrum Pet is the right choice to keep your home always clean and fragrant.

No temporary solutions, no DIY concoctions, no products that only work for half a day. Neutrum Pet is the definitive solution to your problem, so you won't have to give up your beloved carpet or cover your favorite sofa.

The Neutrum Pet line is made up of three different products, each designed to solve a specific problem.

The first product, Neutrum Pet Organic Odor Eliminator, is a spray that removes odors caused by dogs, cats and pets in a safe and natural. 

Ideal for bedding, kennels, cages, floors, carpets, chairs, armchairs and car seats, the product instantly neutralizes odors and prevents their reappearance. Thanks to its special formulation based on probiotics, it acts on odors and small stains of urine, feces, blood and reduces the risk of new markings.

The second solution is Neutrum Pet Enzymatic Urine Remover in Foam, designed to break down urine residues of dogs, cats and small animals from surfaces, completely eliminating the smell. The foam is easy to apply and works within minutes on walls, floors, furniture, fabrics, carpets and sofas. 

Finally, Neutrum Pet Eliminates Odors Sanitizer is the spray that not only eliminates bad odors from pets but sanitizes fabrics and surfaces, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your animals. The product is effective on fabrics, bedding, kennels, carpets, chairs, sofas, armchairs and car seats. 

Moreover, all the products in the Neutrum Pet line are safe for the environment and for pets, because they do not contain harmful substances. 

You can finally organize that dinner with friends that you've been putting off for a long time. 

Discover the Neutrum Pet line here

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