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Spring cleaning: some simple tips

Pulizie di primavera: alcuni semplici consigli

With the arrival of spring, also comes the big cleaning. After the winter, the house needs extraordinary care: cleaning the windows, the shutters, the carpets, the fridge, the bathroom fixtures, etc., etc. A very long list that risks turning one of the most beautiful seasons into a nightmare.

Don't panic: with some practical advice and Camp products, everything will be easier. Before starting, draw up an action plan with all the things to do, in order of priority. This way, you won't find yourself doing the hardest work when you're most tired.

Once this is done, the first thing to do is open the windows: air the rooms for at least an hour. Air and light reduce humidity and help prevent mold. Now let's move on to the actual cleaning. In this article we will dedicate ourselves to the two most feared rooms: the bathroom and the kitchen.

Let's start with the bathroom. This room is one of the most frequented places and, for this reason, deserves special attention. A clean bathroom gives a feeling of freshness to the whole house. First, remove towels, rugs and all items from the sink and cabinets from the bathroom. Then vacuum the dust from the floor.

Now we are ready to tackle sinks and bathroom fixtures. Keeping the bathroom clean and sanitized is important to eliminate all bacteria. We suggest you use Easy Cal: the product removes limescale, oxidation, encrustations, mold and rust. So everything shines again in a few minutes, without any effort.

For shower glass, you can instead use Brill Doccia, with anti-drip technology. With just a few steps you can eliminate unsightly marks and delay the formation of limescale.


After the bathroom, we move on to the kitchen. Let's start with the refrigerator: keeping it clean is essential for preserving food, protecting our health and making our appliances last longer. Before cleaning and sanitizing with Easy Clean, empty the fridge thoroughly, throwing away expired products and labeling any leftovers that are still good. This way you won't waste even a gram of food.

To clean the hob and sink you can instead use Inox Brill. The product effectively removes oxidation, streaks, grease and grease from surfaces, leaving a pleasant citrus scent.

Tired? One more effort and we're done. To clean the oven, we recommend Forno Fast. Eliminates grease, encrustations, grease and bad odors.

Ah, one last piece of advice, perhaps the most important. Before starting cleaning, choose the music that best suits your mood. A little rock in the background could make the difference.



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