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Copy of OXI KIT 03 - Protective

  • Protects and enhances rust with a natural effect
  • Stop dusting
  • For iron, Corten and raw steel
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Copy of OXI KIT 03 - Protective

OXI KIT is a combined treatment that allows metals to be oxidized and protected over time while maintaining the rust effect. The OXIKIT cycle is made up of three products: 1 Activator, 2 Neutraliser, 3 Protective.


OXI Protective KIT

Transparent protective product, with a matt finish, for iron, sheet metal, Corten steel and ferrous metal surfaces. Applied on rusty surfaces or Corten steel, it stops the progress of the oxidation process and keeps the natural appearance of the rust unaltered.


Instructions for use.

The surfaces to be treated must be free of oil, grease, dust and loose or crumbly rust.

If the surface has been treated with OXI KIT Neutralizer, wait at least 24 hours before applying OXI KIT Protective.

Apply the product to the dry surface with a brush or roller, 1 to 3 coats, at least 12 hours apart.