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Fast cleaner

  • Brings the joints back to their original state of cleanliness
  • Acts quickly
  • Eliminates blackening, rings and encrustations
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Fast cleaner

Acid descaling detergent, pleasantly scented, specific for cleaning joints. It penetrates deeply into the joints and crevices of floors and walls, both internal and external. Removes blackening, marks, limescale encrustations and traces of dirt that are particularly resistant to common detergents. Pulifuga Fast renews the joints extremely easily and in a few moments, bringing them back to their original clean state.


Suitable for cleaning vertical and horizontal joints in floors and walls. Suitable for ceramic, terracotta, clinker, porcelain stoneware, stone and acid-resistant stone materials.


  • Returns the joints to their original clean state
  • It works quickly
  • Eliminates blackening, marks and encrustations