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Fluid AI SM

Semi-synthetic emulsified coolant for aluminum
  • Elevated cooling powers
  • Guarantees clean cuts
  • Detergent, anti-rust and anti-foaming properties
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Fluid AI SM

High quality semi-synthetic coolant, with biostable properties, specific for the processing of aluminum profiles. It guarantees a notable cooling action which eliminates the heat that forms in the cutting area, thus avoiding burrs and guaranteeing a precise and clean cut. Its formulation also allows a cleansing, anti-rust and anti-foam effect. Does not stain.


Suitable for all machines for cutting and processing aluminium, double-head and single-head cutting machines, pantographs, milling machines, drilling machines, trimming machines, etc. equipped with the appropriate oil suction tank.


  • High cooling power
  • Ensures precise and clean cuts
  • Cleansing, anti-rust and anti-foam effect