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Marine grease

  • Prolonged protective and water repellent action
  • Excellent adhesiveness, does not drip
  • Resistant to the washing out action of water
  • Protects from corrosion
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Marine grease

Complex lithium-based lubricating grease, formulated with additives that make it specific for marine applications. Lubricates and protects against corrosion, even in the presence of prolonged washing action of rain and sea water. It resists centrifugal force and repeated temperature variations. Usable up to +150 °C.


Ideal for inboard and outboard equipment, marine engine parts, helmsman, stern feet, pins, levers, tie rods, cables, sheaths and in general all submerged mechanisms or components exposed to water.


  • Prolonged protective and water-repellent action
  • Excellent adhesion, does not drip
  • Resists the washing action of water
  • Defends against corrosion