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Hydro Pro Wet

  • Protects materials from water and humidity
  • Brightens up the surfaces and enhances colors
  • Allows treated substrates to transpire
  • Reduces the presence of saline efflorescence
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Hydro Pro WetHydro Pro Wet

Long-lasting colorless water-repellent impregnator with high penetrating and dust-proof power. It gives a pleasant "wet effect" and persistently enhances the original color and characteristics of the stones. Provides long-lasting protection against water, humidity, mold and algae.


Ideal for terracotta, terracotta, natural stone, non-polished agglomerates, marble, travertine, cement, porous concrete and absorbent stone materials.


  • Protects materials from water and humidity
  • Enlivens surfaces and enhances colors
  • Let the treated supports breathe
  • Reduces the formation of saline efflorescence