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OXI KIT 01 - Activator


Accelerates metal oxidation
and naturally creates rust

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OXI KIT 01 - Activator

OXI KIT is a combined treatment that allows metals to be oxidized and protected over time while maintaining the rust effect. The OXI KIT cycle is made up of three products: 1 Activator, 2 Neutraliser, 3 Protective.


OXI KIT Activator

Oxidizing solution that reacts with ferrous metals accelerating the process of iron oxide formation. Applied to iron, sheet metal or ferrous steels, it creates rust quickly and individually. On Corten steel it accelerates the oxidative process allowing the desired rust effect to be obtained in less time.


Instructions for use.

Degrease the surface to be treated well and sand it superficially to eliminate any impurities, layers of calamine and antioxidant agents.

Apply a coat of product using a brush, a sponge or a nebulizer, evenly covering the surface completely or partially, depending on the effect you want to obtain.

Leave the product to act and, if necessary, repeat the application until the desired degree of oxidation is obtained.

Wash the entire surface with plenty of water to remove any residues and proceed with the application of OXI KIT Neutralizer to block the oxidative process.