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Silic Off

  • Helps a clean and rapid removal of silicone
  • Non aggressive on surfaces
  • Does not leave residues
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Silic Off

Innovative solvo-detergent that quickly and effectively removes fresh or hardened silicone from any support, eliminating all traces. Versatile and easy to use, even on vertical surfaces. Does not scratch hard surfaces.

Applied to hardened silicone, Silic Off softens it and allows for easy removal by mechanical action.


Suitable if you want to eliminate badly applied fresh sealant or replace old joints. It applies to all types of silicone on glass, ceramic, steel, aluminum and methacrylate surfaces.

It can also be used to remove glue and adhesive residues.


  • Helps remove silicone quickly and cleanly
  • Does not attack surfaces
  • Leaves no residue