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Threadlocker 320

Medium mechanical resistance braking
  • Ideal for any metal threaded couplings
  • Avoids loosening due to vibrations, shocks and temperature leaps
  • Easy disassembly with standard hand tools
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Threadlocker 320Threadlocker 320

Braking adhesive suitable for braking screws, nuts and other threaded parts, medium thixotropic, characterized by medium mechanical resistance. Allows disassembly with normal tools even after a long time after application. It has high resistance to water, oils, fuels, hydraulic and refrigerant fluids, gases and vapours. Prevents corrosion and seizure.


Threadlocker 320 is suitable for braking threaded parts which may need to be dismantled with conventional tools. Suitable for locking studs, nuts, screws and other threaded elements. Replaces self-locking washers and nuts.


  • Ideal for all threaded metal couplings
  • Prevents loosening due to vibrations, shocks, temperature changes
  • Allows disassembly with normal hand tools