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Welder Echo

Liquid high-yeld anti-spatter for welding
  • No odors in the work place
  • Safer for the operators and for the environment
  • Ensures clean and homogeneous weldings
  • Silicone free
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Welder Echo

Professional anti-adhesive for welding based on an innovative formula that is totally odorless. It offers release, anti-adhesive, water-repellent and anti-static properties. It prevents splashes and slag from adhering to supports and workpieces, allowing clean and homogeneous welds. The treated parts can be painted and galvanized. Does not contain silicone.


It can be applied to all surfaces and parts being worked on. Applied on the nozzles of both manual and automatic welding machines or on the torch, it always keeps them clean and efficient.


  • Absence of odors in the work environment
  • Safer for operators and the environment
  • Ensures clean and homogeneous welds
  • Silicone-free