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Robo Care: the new cleaner for floor cleaning robots

Robo Care: il nuovo detergente per robot lavapavimenti

Our goal has always been to offer high-performance, high-quality products to meet new cleaning needs. This is the principle that guided us in the development of Robo Care, the concentrated detergent for floor cleaning robots, our latest innovation.

Deep and effortless cleaning

This cleaner effectively eliminates dirt, dust and stubborn stains, leaving floors clean and shiny. Its effectiveness has been tested on a wide range of materials, guaranteeing excellent results on every type of surface, from marble floors to parquet surfaces. Robo Care has been specially formulated to ensure deep, sanitizing cleaning of floors, without requiring additional effort.

Protection of your robot

The formulation of Robo Care is delicate and non-foaming, specifically designed to preserve the performance of your floor cleaning robot. It avoids clogging of the tanks and does not interfere with the sensors, ensuring optimal and prolonged functioning of your precious ally in domestic cleaning.

Versatility and practicality

Versatility is one of the distinctive characteristics of Robo Care. In addition to being perfect for floor cleaning robots, it is equally effective with domestic floor cleaning machines and steam cleaning systems. You don't need to own different products for different equipment, Robo Care can tackle all your cleaning challenges.

A touch of freshness

After each wash, Robo Care releases a pleasant fresh scent into the environment. The fragrance, delicate and long-lasting, gives the home a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

With Robo Care, cleaning floors will no longer be a tiring and boring task. The new concentrated cleaner offers high quality performance on all types of surfaces and allows you to enjoy flawless floors without any effort

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