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Protect your floors with Protecto Matt: Camp's innovative solution

Proteggi i tuoi pavimenti con Protecto Matt: la soluzione innovativa di Camp 

Protecto Matt is Camp's water-oil-repellent stain-proof treatment that protects floors for a long time from watery and oily stains and dirt. 

Thanks to its special formulation, Protecto Matt does not alter the appearance and original color of the materials, does not create halos or translucent effects and does not contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid).

Protecto Matt is ideal for stone materials, natural and artificial stone, terracotta, terracotta, clinker and concrete floors.

Advantages and potential

  • Deeply protects surfaces   
  • It is colorless, it does not cause chromatic variations 
  • Protects against stains, water, condensation and rising damp 
  • Does not create surface films, allowing the materials to breathe 
  • Resists chemicals and UV rays 

How to use it

1. Preparation

Make sure that the surfaces are seasoned, dry, clean, free from salt efflorescence or capillary rising phenomena and free of residues from previous treatments. Preventive cleaning with AlcaDet is recommended.

2. Application

Protecto Matt is ready for use. Apply it with a brush, roller or low-pressure sprayer. Carefully spread the product evenly until it is completely absorbed.
Keep the surface protected from atmospheric agents (rain, snow, frost) for at least 48 hours after application.

3. Precautions

Carry out the treatment in good weather conditions (ideal temperature from 5 to 30°C). The surfaces to be treated must not be hot and exposed to direct sunlight. Protect plants and all surfaces near the areas to be treated.

Safety for the operator and the environment. 

Apply the product in well-ventilated areas and always use protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses. Avoid contact with eyes and skin and do not disperse the product into the environment. Remember to store Protecto Matt in tightly closed containers and in places not accessible to children.

With Protecto Matt, your environment will be more beautiful, safer and more protected.

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